Seychelles in January 2003

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Anse Patates on La Digue Island
Warm sea, exotic smells from the jungle
Typical granite boulders on the beach
Creole cuisine - symphony of Indian, French and Black tastes
Lazing around the pool
Sharing breakfast with birds
Valle de Mai on Praslin Island
George (age 150) has seen a lot
Private beach on Courieuse Island
Island hopping by the La Digue ferry ...
... or Air Seychelles
Flower of a hibiscus welcomed us everywhere

photo: Vlado Branko

Created on February 2003.

copyright 2000-2011 © Vlado Branko

  We stayed on three different islands - La Digue, Praslin, Mah. These are the first pictures from the trip, taken by a digital camera, more will follow from the Nikon camera.